PRioRiTy: Prioritising Recruitment in Randomised Trials Survey

The PRioRiTy study has now entered its penultimate phase. In early July 2016, researchers launched the PRioRiTy  survey to collect information from people across Ireland and the UK who are, or have been, directly involved in designing, conducting or taking part in randomised trials.  The aim of the survey was to give us questions that can be researched into how to improve the process of how people are recruited to clinical trials.

The survey generated many questions for research. That long list of questions identified by the initial survey was assembled, categorised and refined. Similar or duplicate questions were combined where appropriate. Questions with common themes and issues were merged into indicative questions. Researchers are now asking you to select from the resulting shortlist the 10 questions that you think are the most important for future research to answer.

More information on the study is available here: along with the link to the survey (

This survey comes to you from the Prioritising Recruitment in Randomised Trials Priority Setting Partnership. This research is being conducted by the Health Research Board – Trials Methodology Research Network  in Ireland and the James Lind Alliance in the UK. Further information is available at

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