The Whitehouse Report 2018

The Irish Research Nurses Network (IRNN) were the Irish lead on a recent project to review research nursing and midwifery across the UK and Ireland, which has delivered The Whitehouse Report 2018.

Florence Nightingale Foundation Scholar, and Lead Nurse for Research at The James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, England, Claire Whitehouse, has published a public report based on a travel scholarship completed throughout 2016/2017. The scholarship funded travel across the UK and Ireland to investigate Research Nursing and Midwifery Structures and Strategies across adult, mental health, community, secondary care and paediatric services.

Claire’s project involved 43 different sites and organisations from teams within Trusts, through to Governments and large organisation representatives. The report is a culmination of all the themes which arose during this time and is the first to have been undertaken in this way which describes voices from the frontline and direct impact on patient care. The report contains the first Model for developing clinical research nursing and midwifery teams (the Whitehouse/Smith model 2018).

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