HRB-TMRN PhD Scholar Research 2019

Can patients understand research information leaflets and consent forms?

HRB-TMRN PhD scholar Lydia O’ Sullivan’s project aims to further our understanding of informed consent and identify how emerging technologies including electronic consent may be used to streamline clinical trials.

This project will include a comprehensive review of the current evidence with regard to both the effectiveness and challenges in informed consent, including quality of informed consent. The consent processes across ongoing clinical research studies will be evaluated, incorporating the perspectives of patients and staff. Strategies to improve the consent process, particularly the use of technology, will be identified. Finally, a study within a trial will be designed to evaluate impact of technology on improve the quality of informed consent.

Lydia is looking to receive copies of patient information leaflets and informed consent forms from academic studies, hospital-based research and studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies.

Further details of the study are available here.

You can send copies of PILs or informed consent forms to Lydia