The People’s Trial – Launch

The People’s Trial – Helping the public learn about randomised trials

HRB-TMRN have launched The People’s Trial, Ireland’s first, fun, online trial designed by the people, for the people. This fun and interesting project challenges members of the public to become a scientist and get involved in running their very own fun clinical trial.

The People’s Trial is one of the first of its kind to establish an online clinical trial platform and to fully engage with the general public at every step of the trial process, from question selection, to recruitment, to data analysis and beyond. For the first time, a fun clinical trial will be fully dependent on the public for its success, not just as study participants, but as trialists creating the trial at each step, deciding the trial question, selecting the outcomes and how they will be measured and sharing the findings.

The People’s Trial is designed to offer an accessible, fun environment that provides the public with the tools to help recognise a reliable health claim and thereby help you consider some of the key concepts needed to make informed decisions about your own health.

Speaking about the initiative, Chief Executive of the Health Research Board Dr. Darrin Morrissey  said – ‘Building public understanding of clinical trials is essential to increase participation. This project is a brilliant way to engage people in the trial process in a way that will build trust and understanding of the process of developing innovative clinical interventions. It is great to see the HRB-TMRN push new boundaries in the approach to clinical trials and embrace public and patient involvement in a positive way‘.

You can find out more and get involved by visiting The People’s Trial website.

The People’s Trial is a HRB-TMRN initiative funded by the Health Research Board under the Knowledge Exchange and Dissemination Scheme 2018.


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