Repository of Tools and Guidances on Patient/Public Involvement in Clinical Research

IPPOSI and HRB CRCI are pleased to announce the launch of an online repository of tools and guidances on Patient/Public Involvement in clinical research.

Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) in research is gaining momentum in Ireland and is of increasing relevance to many health research stakeholders.  In the area of Clinical Research, the importance of early, meaningful, and systematic patient & public involvement has never been higher. In order to help establish good practice in PPI in Clinical Research in Ireland and to provide guidance for interested clinical researchers and lay people the Clinical Research Patient and Public Involvement Working Group have created a repository of  relevant PPI documents.  This repository is now open to public access.  You can access the repository of documents by clicking on this link.

How was this created?
The repository was created by a multi-stakeholder Clinical Research PPI Working Group (CR-PPI-WG), which works collaboratively under the HRB-CRCI and IPPOSI umbrellas to promote active and meaningful PPI as part of the infrastructure for clinical research in Ireland.  Working Group members include representatives and staff members from IPPOSI, HRB-CRCI, Clinical Research Facilities and Centres, Hospitals, Universities, Patient Groups and the Healthcare Industry.

The tools and resources available on the repository are accessible in six key folders:

  • How to do PPI
  • Planning for PPI
  • Working with the public
  • Evaluating and measuring impact
  • Designing Patient Information
  • Guidance for Public

The Working group will continue to maintain and grow the repository as part of its ongoing work plan.  Anyone interested in joining the CR-PPI-WG can do so by contacting the IPPOSI office at and/or the HRB-CRCI office at

We hope you find this a useful resource and welcome your feedback.

PPI Repository