Irish Health Research Forum – November 2019 Meeting Report

In November 2019, Health Research Charities Ireland with support from the IHRF Steering Group, convened an Irish Health Research Forum meeting on the theme Working Across Health Services & Academia – Challenges and Solutions for Health Research. The meeting incorporated discussion groups, panel discussions and a Q&A session to ensure all voices were heard.

Based on the discussions at the event and with input from its Steering Group, the IHRF has seven key recommendations:

  1. There be a substantial increase in the number of funded academic–clinical posts, across all healthcare professions.
  2. Key performance indicators focused on research should become part of the job descriptions and role metrics for all relevant health service staff, from the leadership down.
  3. Academic metrics for health research should place an increased focus on patient and public benefit from research, as well as patient and public involvement (PPI) in research decision-making.
  4. There be an increase in research governance support within the health services, through research offices linked to academic research offices.
  5. Education and practical decision-making tools, relating to key topics such as the Health Research Regulations 2018, patient consent and research ethics, are developed in partnership between academia and the health service.
  6. Standard templates, definitions and contracts are developed to support the undertaking of clinical trials.
  7. All stakeholders should endeavor to clearly and repeatedly articulate the societal and economic value of health research.

You can download the full report here.