Prof. Andrew Smyth

Clinical Research Facility,  Galway.

Prof Smyth is Professor of Clinical Epidemiology at NUI Galway, Associate Director for the HRB Clinical Research Facility Galway and a Consultant Nephrologist at Galway University Hospitals.

After graduating from NUI Galway, he trained in Internal Medicine and Nephrology in Ireland and McMaster University (Canada). He holds a MSc of Medical Science from NUI Galway and a Structured PhD in Medicine / Clinical Epidemiolgoy from NUI Galway.

He is the Director for the MSc in Clinical Research Program in the School of Medicine at NUI Galway and has developed a number of modules in observational research, clinical trials, systematic reviews and meta-analysis and the ethics and regulatory frameworks for clinical research.

Prof Smyth’s research interests are in the epidemiology of chronic kidney disease, particularly modifiable risk factors for chronic kidney disease and the relationship between diet and health outcomes. He was the first Irish-based recipient of a Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellowship and collaborates closely with the Population Health Research Institute (PHRI) of McMaster University. He has published over 50 peer-review papers including Lancet, Circulation and Kidney International.