Dr Peter Doran

Prof. Peter Doran

UCD Clinical Research Centre

Prof. Peter Doran earned his BSc. from Dublin City University in 1998 and his PhD from University College Dublin in 2001. Prof. Doran is a lecturer at the UCD School of Medicine and Medical Science, and Scientific Director of the UCD Clinical Research Centre (CRC). He is also the Director of the Ireland East Hospital Group Research Network.  The UCD CRC with facilities at both the Mater Misericordiae and St. Vincent’s University Hospitals drives clinical and translational research which is aimed at improving patient care by acting as a catalyst to bring all members of the biomedical research entreprise together to ensure novel health interventions are developed and diffused into Irish healthcare practice. Led by Prof. Doran, over the period 2006 – 2014, the UCD CRC has supported over 300 individual studies by clinical investigators resulting in over 30,000 patient contacts. In terms of research study value alone, the UCD CRC has returned the initial HEA investment within the first 3 years of operation, with total leveraged funding of over 35M. The research infrastructure has substantially improved the competitiveness of the stakeholders, has ensured better value for research funding investment and has delivered tangible research outputs.

Prof. Doran has driven the success of the UCD CRC to date by focusing on identifying the needs of diverse stakeholders and implementing specific strategies to serve these needs. This has driven significant outputs from the centre (including publications, presentations and leveraged funding). Another marker of the success of this approach has been the realization of a number of major achievements which Prof. Doran has delivered including, first clinical research centre to undergo a systems inspection by IMB, first routine university sponsor of clinical trial, first well established biobank facility, first compliant IMP storage and monitoring systems, as well as pharmacovigilance systems in an academic environment, first Irish non-commercial core biomarker lab for clinical trials and first graduate taught programme in clinical research. These firsts have been driven by strong commitment to innovation and understanding of and ability to deliver what stakeholders require.