HRB CRCI Central Office

The central office is hosted by Clinical Research Development Ireland (CRDI) and is managed by the Chief Operating Officer, who is assisted by the Chair of HRB CRCI. It is staffed by the following personnel:

  • Chief Operating Officer: Dr. Fionnuala Keane.
  • Clinical Trial Liaison Officer: Michèle Cunnane. Michèle’s primary role is to oversee the study feasibility programme and accelerate the start-up phase of clinical trials.
  • Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager: Fiona Cregg. Fiona’s primary role is to manage the quality system of HRB CRCI central office and to coordinate quality related activities of the network.
  • Clinical Industry Liaison Officer: CILO. HRB CRCI provides consultancy, support and information services for academic groups and life science companies on product development – from concept to commercialisation.
  • CRDI provides corporate support services including part time financial, administrative, HR and communication staff.

Senior Management Team

HRB CRCI is overseen by a Senior Management Team (SMT), comprised of the five partner Clinical Research Facility/Centre (CRF/Cs) Directors, the HRB CRCI Chief Operating Officer and CRDI Chief Executive. The Chair of the SMT rotates across the five CRF/Cs. Prof. Joe Eustace, Director of the HRB Clinical Research Facility at UCC is the current Chair. The SMT meet bimonthly to agree policy and procedures and discuss issues of relevance to the overall operation.

HRB CRCI Staff located in the CRF/Cs

Dedicated HRB CRCI staff are based in each CRF/C, including a local Lead and Research Nurse (RN), with specific focus on conducting study feasibility and accelerating study start-up. Additional Support Specialists (SS) from the network and CRF/Cs can advise on projects, as needed.

CRCI Diagram