COVID-19 Information


HRB CRCI is committed to supporting our partners in the current climate. We will keep you informed of COVID-19 related updates.

See information below on Clinical Trial guidelines and COVID-19 Rapid Response funding.

National Research Ethics Committee (NREC COVID-19)

The Department of Health along with he Office for National Research Ethics Committees, the Health Products Regulation Authority (HPRA) and the Health Research Consent Declaration Committee (HRCDC), have established a temporary NREC for COVID-19 related research studies.


NREC COVID-19 Details

Regulatory Authority Clinical Trial Advice

The Irish regulatory authority(HPRA), along with other international bodies have issued advice and guidelines on the regulation of clinical trials of health products during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click on the links below to get the latest information. Note the information contained on these external body websites will be updated regularly so check back often for the current status.


Ireland – HPRA




COVID-19 Rapid Response Funding

A number of Irish and international funding agencies have COVID-19 rapid response funding schemes in place. Check the individual call details via the links below


SFI, EI & IDA Ireland   Phase 2 call open until 26th Aug 2020

Horizon 2020 COVID-19

Health Research Board

Gates, Wellcome & Mastercard

Health Claims – Fact Checked

A new website has been launched to allow people to quickly and easily check the reliability of health claims circulating on media channels. The website has been funded by the Health Research Board and developed in partnership between HRB-TMRN, Evidence Synthesis Ireland, Cochrane Ireland and NUI Galway.


iHealthFacts website

Barrier Masks for Consumers

The National standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) has developed a Specification to address an urgent need for safe and consistent barrier masks for the general public. Click the link to view the requirements,


Barrier Mask Requirements