HRB CRCI Budget Working Group (BWG)



With one of the goals of HRB CRCI being to improve the study start-up timelines within the group, this led to the establishment of the HRB CRCI Budget Working Group with representatives from HRB CRCI and the partner groups. Developing standard elements for budgeting of clinical trials in Ireland across the CRF/Cs should allow further transparency and predictability to the practice of budgeting at the set-up phase of clinical trials in Ireland which Industry Groups will welcome.


The mission of the BWG is to streamline and standardise the protocol review and budget development process nationally.

Work Group Structure and Membership

Meetings of the working group are chaired by the CTLM and core membership is composed of the following:

  • A representative from the partner CRF/Cs who within their current role are responsible for budgeting and costing of clinical trials. Where the role is split between two staff members, the two members can attend but the partner CRF/C will have one vote.
  • If not already covered by the above, a clinical representative (one representative on behalf of all six partner institutions).